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  May 16

Spring trip to the East Coast: see East Coast Trip Report 

Feb 16

Wow, it has been a long time since I touched this site.  Here are some pictures from the last couple of years:

King of the Mississippi months of model-building ordeal enjoyment 

Mags and Trevor hosting party in back yard The Beeb, The Hobes 
Jim and Sarah McGinley
on the deck at Oz Erickson's place 
A model of the Visible V-8, built for fun
and given away on neighborhood forum 
Tommy with new dog Peter   
Casey with Carlo and Smudge  Mags in the Kitchen 
DeAnne with tennis team  Trees in the front yard, spring 2016 
At Pacific Grove with Wife and Dawg   
Casey's cat Smudge lives here  Goats pay annual visit 
Tommy & Betsy   

Dec 14

The family on a little trip to Monterey and Carmel, with all four dogs.  Picture by Trevor.

Apr 14

Spring arrives. Hills are green.  Mom's garden in full bloom.


Completed the jigsaw puzzle project:

This is a 4000-piece puzzle Casey gave me for Christmas, a beautiful executive world map.  It took over two months to finish. 

Jun 13

Moved the site from fatcow.com to netfirms.com.  If you see this sentence, you're looking at the new site.

May 13


  Mothers' Day brunch for two, soon to be served on the verandah.

Ship model is now finished.  Last knot was tied while watching the Giants clobber the Braves for the third day in a row.

Apr 13

  A little trip to Pacific Grove. The famous purple flowers were out in abundance.
  Stayed at a new place near Asilomar.  Highly recommended.

Shipbuilding in April  
Sails go up on the Falcon. 
Held up by a lot of little ropes.

Mar 13

Miss Helen, our beloved Queen.

   Mom's garden 

Shipbuilding continues. 


deadeyes emerging ratlines masts
bowsprit   deadeye assembly line

Feb 13

Shipbuilding continues.  Deck is now complete.  Hull varnishing took place in the back yard.


  The rudder.

What the heck, it's only been six months, time to post some pictures while watching the Niners falling behind in the Super Bowl.

Mom and the Hobes:


Pictures were taken at Moss Beach Distillery, a favorite spot.

Progress on the boat model:


I'm working on a model of the Falcon, a brigantine from the 1870's -- merchant ship, then gunship, then U.S. Coast Guard.  I started this model a couple of years ago, got halfway through the hull, then broke my thumb on the tennis court and put the model away for over a year.  I dusted it off, finished the hull, and am on the way toward mast-raising.  More photos to come. 

Popular new bird feeders:


These were a Christmas gift from me to wife.  They are constantly attended.  Need filling every couple of days.  This spring we will have a fine crop of bird grass.

Jul 12

A visit from the Bro, in Berkeley.

I recently found out that Ken has his own Wikipedia entry.

Return of the goaties!  Annual munchfest begins today.
Plus some gratuitous pictures of the yard, before and after party.

Jun 12

  Improvements in the homestead


  the new paint job -->

< -- Mom's bird of paradise 
  <-- painted the back too

I painted the shed --> 
  <-- Finnegan comes to visit

Concrete wash, before and after --> 
  <-- Hobes and Mags

Yard full of life --> 

Aug 11

A driving trip to the Olympic Peninsula

                       Mags and Trevor in San Clemente >

Mz. Helen takes up residence in Casey's car >


Kids invade LA tennis courts!


Betsy, Tommy, Maggie Trevor

Casey invades Tahoe!







Aug 10

            Most of us go to Europe

Feb 09

   Kids invade Thailand

Dec 08

Loafing in Mexico  

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