A Winter Project

A Christmas or two ago one of the kids gave me this 1500-piece jigsaw puzzle.  This Christmas I hauled it out onto a card table (well, it didn't fit on a card table, took a piece of plywood instead) and after a month of pleasant evenings it is now hanging on the wall.

For entertainment value per dollar, you can't beat a jigsaw puzzle.  I figure I spent about 40 hours on it, it probably cost about $5, so I've been enjoying myself at the rate of roughly 12 cents per hour.


The picture is by Pieter Bruegel (1528-69) and is called "Spreekwoorden," which is Dutch for "Proverbs."  Inside the box was a legend, indicating all 118 proverbs illustrated in this busy scene.  Click the pictures to see the details.

<-- 118 proverbs

with keys to the pictures -->

<-- Ms. Helen assisted throughout the project

The finished puzzle -->

From Table to Wall

<-- put puzzle on floor, next to a larger piece of plywood

Fold the second piece on top of the puzzle -->

<-- turn both over, so puzzle is now back-side-up

Run a bead of Elmer's down every row -->

<-- glue to stiff board, like pegboard, weight while drying

Miter some moulding for a frame -->