Workbench for Nate's Studio, Santa Barbara

April 2007.  Nate needs a workbench.  Maggie wanted to build one, but lacked time, lumber, money, tools, etc.  So I'm taking them some scrap lumber in the form of a do-it-yourself workbench kit.

The design requirements:


  July 07:
  new workbench installed and suitably cluttered


The starting point:


The Plan

Click picture for full image, or click here for Visio file.


Assembly Instructions

1.  Stand the two end sections.  Join with front and rear rails, secure with bolts.

Don't tighten bolts fully until everything is in place.  

Washers go on the outside:


2.  Position the middle section between the rails, secure with lag screws:

3.  Attach front floor rail, secure with bolt (right) and lag screw (left).


4.  Position floor shelf.  Push all the way toward the middle, so both edges sit on floor rails.  Straighten so front edge is parallel to front rail.

5.  Attach rear diagonal brace. 

6.  Tighten everything.  Attach the floor shelf with 1" screws.

7.  Put on the top.  Attach with 1" screws.

  8.  Slide in the drawer. 



Most visible surfaces were decorated by the Maggie Fan Club.  This lumber used to be a bunk bed in her room.


Collapsible for travel.



Proud New Owners in their driveway