Sunday, May 11, Mother's Day.  Siding, part 1.

The morning was spent hiding nice plywood surfaces behind asphalt-soaked paper.  I went to a lot of trouble making it level so I could use the ruled lines to keep the siding straight -- for example, stretching it across the door and then cutting it out.


Today's entertainment: Giants-Braves in Atlanta, on a borrowed TV fed by an extension cable.  Braves won. 

Siding goes on, one plank at a time.  These planks are made of some miracle substance held together by cement.  Ruined my saw blade.  Wasted about a third of the nails I tried to pound through it.


 The Quality Control Dept. at work. 

Result of a long afternoon's effort:  shed has a new face.  Only one more side gets this treatment -- where it doesn't show, it ain't worth the trouble.