Day 4.  Monday, Apr 21.  Raising the walls.

Things didn't quite work out as planned today.  For one thing, it was cloudy with showers on and off all day.  Forecast for the next few days is similar.  It must be April.

For another thing, I'd arranged for a guy to come help me nail down the foundation, using a gadget called a Hilti (also known as a stud gun -- is that a man tool or what) but he didn't show up.  I finally found a place that had one, but they talked me into renting one of these instead:


The Bosch Bulldog power concrete drill.  Big.  Dirty.  Noisy.  Macho.

First hole I drilled, the bit went right through the slab and wouldn't come out, despite much pulling and grunting.  For a while I thought I might have to buy the drill and build the shed around it.  Finally poured water on the concrete and managed to coax the thing out.

Through the wood and into the concrete goes a "wedge anchor," which grips the hole when tightened.  A bewildering array of styles and sizes is available.  Above: two of these successfully anchoring a board to the slab.

Next problem: what to do about those bolt heads sticking up?  Solution: a Forstner bit for drilling cylindrical cutouts.  Applied as needed under the sole plates of the walls.

To test fit the holes over the bolts, I had to put the walls up.  They looked so comfy there, I braced them with a few screws and left them up until I nail them all down tomorrow.

The day's result: an emerging shed-like object.