Revised Plans for Shed

Dimensions were reduced by about a foot in each direction.  North (left) window is gone.  If there is a firewood roof, it'll be on the north end instead of south as in the original plan.  Door was moved to the right, to avoid losing storage wall space.

Rear wall becomes taller.  Door framing moves to the right.  When the right door swings all the way open, it will extend beyond the south wall, but so what.

Window frame was enlarged according to the supplied instructions, which call for an extra half inch in each direction.  Narrowing the overall width caused some changes in framing toward the rear.  The "saltbox" shape is not as classic as in the first plan, but looks ok.  

Roof framing plan becomes smaller.

This plan allows storing 4x8 sheets along the back wall, and 8-foot lumber upright beneath the ridge (shown by dashed line).  This smaller plan loses too much space if a second window is included, which would surely become hidden behind a stack of stuff anyway.