What's No Longer New

Nov 08

 Thanksgiving: Houseful of Dills

Jan 08

  Jigsaw puzzle project 

    Day in San Francisco  

    Thanksgiving with Ken's family minus Ken

    Annual goat visit

Jul 08

Trip to Boston ... more

Jun 08

Bicycling the Golden Gate ... more pics

   Old Folks At Home   

  Le Beeb

Feb 08

Little trip to San Diego

Spring approaches

New look at the Casey place 

The Ocean Shore: beginning a model railroad


Another puzzle on the wall

This one a Christmas gift from Tommy


Dec 07

My dad died at his home in Oklahoma City on Dec 6.

Dad's Obituary



Tommy at work
Universal Studios

Sep 07

Family trip to Oklahoma      kids terrorize Bricktown

Jun 07

  the stuff you find on cable!

Mags' new kitty
and other new pics on the Maggie Page


                              Casey is a big hit as MC at best friend's wedding


rare Tommy sighting

watching A's beat uninspired Red Sox


Mar 07

  My trip to India  

 Tommy Page          Maggie Page 

Tommy's band Ages in desert video:



visitor spotted in back yard

other wildlife nearby  

Kid rooms become museums


Lake Chabot outing

   the long-awaited Casey Page

May 07


Mothers Day visit to Felton


   Mizz Helen      

   workbench for Nate & Maggie

morning visitor

Mar 07

Pictures from my new camera (Sony Cybershot DSCW55 7MP)

Out the back gate:


Refurbishing of the Casey Room:


K. Dills come for a visit:


J. Dill office:


St. Patrick's Day: Casey dyes his hair black

Pictures from Christmas 06 (scanned from old-fashioned paper photos)



16 Jan 04

It's been a long time since I updated anything here! 

Here are some pictures of the Peterbilt 377 I just built from a Revell kit.


Pictures were taken by Maggie with her new digital camera.  My little plastic Intel web cam finally conked out on me.


Scout (Dill, R.) and Scoutmaster (Dill, K.) model new Troop 255 T-shirts.  See Scout Logo page.

30 Jun. Dinner and campfire at local campground.  See photos.

29 Jun.  The prodigal son takes time out from his busy Hollywood schedule to drop in for a few days.  Rare photos of all three Dill kids in one location.  


How the shed looks these days.  Interior now has pegboard.  Flowers are starting to grow.  Space starting to fill up with stuff.


25 Jun.  Giants - Dodgers at PacBell Park.  Giants were soundly trounced, 6-0.


16 Jun.  Another fence repair project on the other side of the house.  Sunk a new post, built a new gate.


9 Jun.  Fence repair project.  Replaced the posts, kept the old gate, mostly.  Needs paint.


7 Jun.  Designs for a patch for Ken's scout troop.

1 Jun.  Some of us go camping for the weekend.

25 May.  Day spent building a workbench.

21 May 03.  The finished shed.

See shed page.

10 May 03

Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade, featuring the CVHS band and Color Guard:

Railroad stuff is moving to a new address:  www.trainplayer.com.

Continuing progress on shed.       

8 May 03

Maggie's 17th birthday.  Her friends Cristina and Kelley showed up at 6:30 AM with balloons and muffins.  She was in the shower at the time.  Much shrieking and giggling.


19 Apr 2003

See the Shed Home Page for status of the shed project.

18 Apr 2003

Shed, Day 1 Lumber arrives.  Plot gets cleared.

14 Apr 2003

Shed plans.  Construction postponed due to rainy weather.  I'll start next week.

9 Apr 2003


A weekend product: a pair of sawhorses.  To be used for upcoming construction projects.

7 Apr 2003

Pictures from Prom Night

17 Feb 2003

Wow, it's been a long time since I updated this site.  I finally have something new to put here.  Check it out:  TrainPlayer, a new program I am in the process of finishing, in need of testing.

While I'm at it, here are finally some pictures from the family cruise.

Jun 9 2002


Dudley enjoys a swim, just before he sprained his ankle and had to be carried to the car.  Eighty pounds of wet dog.

Spring 2002

Senior Ball 2002

Two Dills attended.

Old man did NOT attend.

Tommy and Dad attend Giants-Braves game at PacBell Park.
Giants won by a run in the 12th.  

See the new Maggie Page!  Now under construction. 

May 11 2002

New member joins family: a wagon for Mom

Dudley gets a grooming job

Scenes from the annual Castro Valley Rodeo Parade


Maggie rides in parade with her new boss, Elvis.
She starts work at new Italian restaurant Dolci Amore next week

Apr 29 2002

        My pal Iestyn and his new dog Sophie on recent trip to Atlanta

Apr 12 2002

Anniversary Trip to San Francisco

Mar 30 2002

        Maggie in her Mexico hairdo

Mar 07 2002

A little gift for Dad.  Plastic version of Jeff Gordon's Monte Carlo.

Dressed up on recent trip to Vancouver.

Jan 27 2002

Nice day on Fairmont Ridge

Jan 25 2002


Goats 'R Us returns for the annual munchfest.

Jan 20 2002


Maggie moves into a new yellow room.  Somehow convinces Tommy to clean her ceiling fan.


Tommy gets a new room too.  Blue and full of audio technology.  Tommy painted both rooms.

Just released, the Cross-Stitch Edition of BuzzXplore.  I helped develop this for my friends John & Lisa at Buzz Tools Inc.

Jan 12 2002


Little Saturday project: flooring for an attic space.  Hastily photographed before disappearing beneath piles of junk.

Jan 11 2002

New dog joins family.  Here's what the rescue association blurb said about him:

8-year-old liver/white neutered male Gentle fellow. He enjoys walking and meeting people but his favorite activity is to sit next to you and relax. One of our Volunteer Dog Socializers describes him as, 'Noise tolerant, gentle mouth, never jumps.'  In other words, a great dog.

He's gentle but full of energy, clambering around, making himself at home.  We're still working on a name.  At the moment he's lying here at my feet, as advertised.

In other news: St. Clement's Bulletin announces existence of web site. Parish finds out about it this Sunday.  Operators standing by.

Jan 9 2002

Maggie and Alex on Winter Ball night

See?  Shirt tucked in.


Dec 18 2001

My latest project, a spare-time effort for a real client:  new web site for St. Clement's Church in Berkeley.

Dec 15 2001


Maggie on her way to Winter Ball.  That's Casey the chauffeur (her date Alex had his shirt tucked in).

Dec 10

We had a nice web site, hosted by the @Home cable modem folks, but this month they went bankrupt.  In the process, they deleted our site.  I didn't have a backup.  I'll be reassembling it as time goes by.

Test Link


test link 3